Renown Kindergarten has been providing kindergarten children with their first educational experience since 1920.  Named after the battle cruiser, which brought the popular Prince of Wales (later the duke of Windsor) to begin his tour of Australia in 1920, the new kindergarten building was officially opened by Lady Forster (then Governor General’s wife) on 6 December 1923.
Renown Kindergarten then became an independent kindergarten affiliated with the Free Kindergarten Union of Victoria, a non-government organisation which continues to give kindergartens a ‘union’ of strength to work independently towards obtaining, maintaining and ensuring the availability of the best conditions for the benefit of kindergarten aged children.

In 1981, the kindergarten became an incorporated body.  It now operates under a parent “Committee of Management”.   

In addition to Renown Kindergarten’s Three and Four year old programs, Renown Kindergarten also serves as host to the EFM program - The Ecole Francaise de Melbourne. This program runs 2 days a week. The program was founded by a group of French speaking parents living in Australia. It is a specialised French preschool program based on the French National Curriculum - French Education National and is guided by the Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF). The EFM sessions all take place in French, as is expected that the children already understand the language. The integration of the EFM within the Renown Kindergarten structure is in harmony with the philosophy of both entities.