How Renown Operates

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A Committee of parent volunteers manages the operations of the Kindergarten. This is comprised of 14 parents, committee meetings are held once a month.

At the Annual General Meeting (held around November each year) Office Bearers and Committee Members are elected for the forthcoming year.

New Committee Members are most welcome. If you are interested in helping either on the Committee or in any other capacity, please let a Committee or Staff Member know as soon as possible.

All costs associated with the running of the kindergarten such as utilities, art supplies, equipment, entertainers, staff salaries, cleaning, etc. are paid by the Kindergarten Committee through fees, fund-raising, donations and government subsidies.
As there is a substantial cost differential between revenue raised through fees and government subsidies and the ongoing costs associated with running the kindergarten we urge parents to become involved in the kindergarten’s fundraising/social activities.  As well as raising much needed revenue, these events also provide an excellent opportunity for parents and children to meet and socialize with others.