Meet the Staff

Laura - Teacher: 3 year old Echidnas

I have been an Teacher at Renown for one year :)

The best thing about my job is having the opportunity to witness the children grow and learn and see the difference I can make in their lives. Teaching children social and emotional skills is very important to me as I believe they are skills that we need to learn and develop early in order to be successful learners. I'm amazed each day at how these skills are developed in the children and how they flourish through explicit teaching moments, developmental play, natural imaginative and role play experiences. I'm also extremely passionate about assisting children with special needs and catering to each child's individual needs.

Leigha - Educator: 3 year old Echidnas & Koalas

I have been an Educator at Renown for one year and the best thing about my job is making an impact on the children's lives and learning as well as the relationships that are formed.

Dominique - Teacher: 3 year old Possums and EFM Educator

I have been an Educator at Renown for almost eight years

The best thing about my job is the delight and pride so visible in children's faces when they achieve success or make a new discovery.

My wish is that that children are happy, confident, capable and strong people or are valued and heard. That they feel free to explore, experiment and discover as independent beings with their own unique and important view of the world.

Cristal - Educator: 3 year old Possums

Hi I'm Cristal. This is my first year at Renown kindergarten and I am absolutely loving it! 

I have worked in the childcare education system for about 17 years. I have met and worked with many different children and educators, the educators and children at Renown kindergarten are equally the most wonderful and fun filled people to have in my work place environment. I enjoy coming to work which for me is really fabulous!!

At home I have two beautiful children Riley, he is 5, and Pia and she is 3, and Tim my husband, and a beautiful dog called Fuggzy. And during the week and weekend I enjoy playing netball with my friends and tennis with my dad. 

Coral - Teacher: 4 year old Koalas

I have been lucky enough to work at Renown for 6 years now. I started as a student and was given the role of working with the 4-5 year old Koala group. I love my job.

In my work with children I aim to provide a warm, supportive and joyful environment where children are empowered to express themselves and are encouraged to engage in a variety of rich experiences and relationships.

In my teaching I wish to promote values such as independence, confidence, mutual respect, creativity, self-expression and reflection, empathy and understanding towards others. I hope to make every child feel happy and special, and to have an understanding of their own self-worth. I hope that when they leave Renown,  what they take with them wherever they go, is a sense of who they are, a feeling of belonging and value in how they can make a difference, and anticipation for where they are going, and who they may become.


Sally - Teacher: 4 year old Wombats, Educational Leader

I have had the pleasure of working at Renown as a teacher since 2015, in 2016 I was lucky enough to take on the role as Educational Leader. Early childhood education is my passion, I thoroughly enjoy watching the children explore and engage their environment. My favourite class activity is learning all about letters and sounds as well as exploring new books with my class. My super power is turning into a dancing Queen whenever I hear music! 
I look forward to meeting and working with you all over your kinder life at Renown.

Alice - Educator: 4 year old Wombats

I have been an educator at Renown since the beginning of 2016. The best thing about my job is that everyday is different and I get to learn, interact and have fun with so many different children within the Possum and Wombat group! 

My favorite class activity has been doing Dough Disco with the Wombats! My secret superpower is shrinking so small that no one can see me and I can travel to wherever I like!

Megan - Educator: 4 year old Wombats

Hello! I’m Megan. I will be working with the Wombat and Koala Groups this year. I am really exited and looking forward to getting to know all the children and helping them learn and grow.

I am a classically trained opera singer, I have sung in Europe, the UK and all around Australia. I am currently singing with the Australian Chamber Choir.

I love to bake and create with arts and crafts!

Marie-Josee - Teacher: EFM Coccinelle

I have been an educator at Renown for 5 years The best thing about my job is to co-construct learning with children and to see the happiness and the pride in their eyes when they discover or accomplish something by themselves.

My favorite class activities is reading books to children. For me, literacy is a good way to nurture the French language, to develop the pleasure of reading and to make special connections with children.

My secret superpower is to develop the children curiosity, perseverance and the pleasure to learn.


Takako - Educator: EFM Coccinelle 

This is my third year at Renown Kindergarten and I am still learning and exploring my skills together with children. I was born in Japan and lived in Europe for 15 years before I arrived in Australia in 2012.

The best thing about my job is to smile and be kind to our children and families. My favourite class activity is art and craft. I enjoy organising the art and craft table and discovering childrens' creative work.  

During my spare time, I do painting, drawing and creative art. I sometimes exhibit my art work at a local cafe, which becomes my secret superpower. I also speak Japanese and French as well.

'Yoroshiku onegai shimasu.' and ' A bientôt! '

Natalie - Kindergarten Manager

I am Renown's Kindergarten Manager and you can find me in the office on Mondays, Thursdays and Fridays.

In my role I aim to provide support to all Renown families and to ensure information and help is always accessible and easy to understand.

I believe each child is an unique bundle of potential and I enjoy watching them develop their own personalities and learning styles.  

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All Staff can be contacted on: 03 9827 4747