Fees Information

Term Fees   |  Payment of Fees

A volunteer parent nominates to be the Fees Officer, please contact them for any queries regarding invoices or payment. The teachers do not handle payments or cash. Any queries or disputes regarding fees should be discussed with the Fees Officer (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)


Application for Enrolment Fee (Administration Fee)

An application for enrolment fee of $25 is paid with your application for enrolment form. This is an admin fee, it is non-refundable and does not guarantee you a place at Renown, but places you on the relevant waiting list.


Enrolment Fee

An enrolment fee of $150 is required when accepting a place at Renown Kindergarten. If the enrolment fee is not paid by the due date, the place will be forfeited and given to the next child on the waiting list. If a child starts kinder throughout the year the fee is to be paid before attending the first session.  


Maintenance Levy

Maintaining Renown's buildings and grounds is a significant task, therefore, a maintenance levy of $25 is payable each term, in a addition to the term fees as outlined below.


Term Fees

The term fees are varied for each programme, please see Term Fees for specific information.  


The State Government provides funding per child in the four year old program.  This funding goes directly to the Kindergarten and is used to cover a portion of the expenses associated with the program, the balance being covered by the fees.

The kindergarten relies on fees and volunteer parents to maintain its financial viability. We are a non-profit organisation and the little surplus we have goes directly back into supplies and equipment for the children and is used for maintenance for our beautiful but old buildings. Your fees and or other payments are strictly due by the invoice due date unless an alternative arrangement has been made prior with the Fees Officer. Our cash flow constraints require your prompt payment to ensure our teachers and assistants are paid on time.

It is the policy of the kindergarten that if your child is away due to illness or holidays, normal fees apply unless alternative arrangements have been made with the Committee.


Changes to sessions

Fees for the full term are payable prior to beginning the term. Part term invoices will not be issued, if you’re child will only attend a part of the term, the full term fees will need to be made.  A reduction in sessions made after the start of term will not be refunded however an increase in sessions will be payable immediately for the remainder of the term.  Changes to sessions may be discussed with the teacher and / or the Enrolments Officer.  To withdraw from or reduce sessions, four weeks written notice in advance of the commencement of the term must be given to the Kindergarten Manager or Committee of Management.


Other Payments

From time to time you will need to pay for excursions, fundraising orders, etc.  Please organise the correct money at home.  Staff are unable to provide change.


DEECD Funding

When a child in 4 year old kindergarten is in receipt of DEECD funding at another kindergarten, Renown reserves the right to charge full fees including the equivalent of the government subsidy that is not received by Renown Kindergarten. Similarly when a child is repeating 4 year old kindergarten, without DEECD approval for a second year of 4 year old funded kindergarten, Renown reserves the right to charge full fees including the equivalent of government subsidy that is not received by Renown Kindergarten.  As per DEECD regulations, Renown Kindergarten is obliged to offer a funded vacancy to eligible students who are not accessing a funded place elsewhere. This means that a student accessing a non-funded place may be required to forfeit their place if there is a wait list. see Fee Information for Families, for further details.


Fee Subsidies

Health Care Card/Pension Benefit Card holders (please see full list of eligible card holders in our Fee Policy) are entitled to some ‘fee relief’ in the 4 year old funded programme.  This amount is determined by both the State Government and Renown Kindergarten each year.  Please contact the kinder before your invoice is due by emailing your current card details for further information. No fee subsidies are available for the 3 year old programme.


Child Care Benefit (for Registered care)

Working or studying parents can claim a rebate for fees paid at Renown Kindergarten. This is calculated and paid by Centrelink, and equates to approximately 66 cents per hour of program hours at Renown. A receipt must be obtained at end of term 2 and term 4 from This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  showing fees paid and hours attended at Renown, to submit with your claim to Centrelink. The Centrelink claim application form can be found at  http://www.humanservices.gov.au/customer/forms/fa018


Late Pick-up Fee

Parents who arrive after pick-up time are requested to sign the Late Book.  Parents who are repeatedly more than 5 minutes late will be asked to pay a late fee of $5 per minute for every minute late. Late fees are payable at the time of pick up or will be emailed as a separate invoice.  If on the rare occasion you happen to be running late, please use the emergency number to give the educators a courtesy call.


Late Payment Fee

Renown Kindergarten has a policy of non-discrimination, however fees are structured to recognise the difficulty for parents under certain circumstances.  All parents must understand that Kinder is not a free service and if fees are not paid the Committee will advise you that your child cannot attend until the fees are paid.  If you are experiencing difficulties in making payments please do not delay in advising the Fees Officer who will help make alternative arrangements to suit your needs.  It is your responsibility to advise the kinder of any tardiness or inability to pay on time.

A fee of $20 per week is charged for late payments (including payment plan payments) unless otherwise arranged with the Fees Officer.  You may refer to the Fee Policy for further information on late payment.