What is the enrolment priority?

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Priority of Enrolment at Renown Kindergarten – Australian Program

To allocate enrolment places fairly, the enrolments office will endeavour to follow the guidelines listed below:

1. Children currently enrolled at Renown:

  1.1. Students moving from the 3 years old to the 4 years old programs
  1.2. Repeating students

2. Siblings of children who have attended Renown, provided that their enrolment application form and fees are received no later than the last day of term 1 in the year prior to commencement.

3. Children who reside in the City Of Stonnington.

4. Children who reside elsewhere.

The determining factor, when there are too many applicants of comparable priority, will be the date of reception of ‘Application for Enrolment’ form and non-refundable application fee.  In all circumstances, this form must be submitted within an appropriate period of time in order to be placed on the relevant wait list.