Parents and Guardians

•  To have the opportunity to build and maintain respectful and supportive relationships with all involved in the Renown Kindergarten community.

•  To be encouraged to participate in the kindergarten according to their individual needs and interests.

•  To be acknowledged, valued and supported in their parenting role and beliefs about child rearing are respected.

•  To be provided with opportunities to participate in the kindergarten’s decision making processes

•  To be kept informed of current events, news about the Kindergarten and about their child’s learning, development and participation in the program.



•  To be coordinated by a positive, passionate qualified Early Childhood Educator

•  To be supported by an Educational Leader who oversees the development of the curriculum and supports the educators in the establishment of clear goals and expectations for teaching and learning. 

•  To meet the requirements of Renown’s Code of Conduct policy

•  To work collaboratively and share expertise with other staff members.

•  To utilise valued individual teaching skills and experience in implementing the children’s program.

•  To be given opportunities to develop skills, through ongoing training in early childhood development and education.

•  To be provided with a safe, healthy and positive working environment that encourages stable and lasting relationships with each other and with the Renown Kindergarten community

•  To be committed in ensuring practices are meeting the requirements of the quality standards of the National Quality Framework and National Regulations in order to offer an early childhood service of the highest quality

•  To develop and deliver an educational program that is guided by the Early Years Learning Framework

•  To develop a program for each child that takes into account their strengths, capabilities, culture, interests and experiences.

•  To ensure every child’s health and wellbeing is safeguarded and promoted

•  To ensure that the physical learning environment is safe, suitable and provides rich and diverse range of experiences which promote children’s learning an development. 



•  To be valued as capable and competent learners

•  To have the opportunity to develop self esteem, experience success and pride

•  To communicate their needs, thoughts and ideas, and extend their interests

•  To encourage children to approach learning independently, and with confidence; empowering each child to reach their full potential

•  To be recognised as a unique individual with a valued culture and background, with varied interests and abilities.

•  To have the right to play and explore the natural environment in promoting imagination, and the fundamental role these play in the importance of childhood

•  To feel a sense of belonging and wellbeing through positive, trusting and  rewarding relationships

•  To develop an acceptance of others in a healthy safe environment.



•  To respect our structure as a community kindergarten with a rich history and tradition.

•  To provide good governance and establish a positive legacy for future users of the kindergarten.

•  To be committed to being active in meeting the quality standards of the National Quality Framework and National Regulations in order to offer an early childhood service of the highest quality.

•  To ensure that all adults working with the children and those engaged in management of the service or residing on the premises are fit and proper.

•  To have well documented policies and practices developed and regularly evaluated in partnership with educators, the Kindergarten Manager, staff and families to ensure the ethical management of Renown Kindergarten.



•  To be active participants in our local community and demonstrate respect for families and our local community.

•  To be involved in appropriate community projects and events.

•  To be active in caring for our precious environment and contribute to a sustainable future.