Ecole Française de Melbourne

3 Year Old Kindergarten  |  4 Year Old Kindergarten

The Ecole Française de Melbourne (EFM) operates at Renown and caters for children aged 3 and 4 years old. It is a structure to help children improve their learning of the french language already undertaken by the parents. The sessions all take place in french. It is based on guidelines of the French Education Nationale for that age group.

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The emphasis is on creating a context where the children are able to play, learn and converse in French with children their own age.

The aim of the EFM is to offer children the opportunity to practice and develop their physical, emotional, social and cognitive abilities.

The major focus will be on practicing and developing communicative skills (learning to participate in a discussion, listening to others and paying attention to what others say).  The teacher will also offer pre-writing activities designed to help children discover that drawing and writing convey meaning.  Reading, story telling, music and other creative arts will also be offered so as to stimulate interest in words and language in general.

There are a total number of 21 children and 3 staff members attending any particular session.


2017 Ecole Française de Melbourne Timetable:

EFM: Thursday and Friday, 8:30am - 4:00pm

All other sessions at Renown are available to the Ecole Maternelle children and will be charged according to your selection.  Please read the 4 year-old or 3 year-old sections to learn about our full timetable.  As the timetable is complex please feel free to speak to the Kindergarten Manager or Teacher to help you with your selection.

Every attempt is made to meet the requests of each family.