Renown Philosophy Statement

Renown Kindergarten Philosophy Statement

Renown Kindergarten has a rich history as a long standing community Kinder. Operating from within beautiful buildings and grounds that date back to the 1920s, Renown has dedicated itself to providing a warm, nurturing environment, high quality education and inclusive practices to the children and families of the community for over 90 years.

Through this period, Melbourne has become one of the most multicultural cities in the world and today, Renown Kindergarten embraces with pride, the diversity of children and families from more than 20 countries.

Working in partnership with a parent run committee, we provide 5 educational programs for children ranging from the age of 3 to 5 in the years before school. We deliver two 3 year old programs, two four and five year old programs, and our specialist French program; Ecole Française de Melbourne. We also host language, music and sports programs on a regular basis throughout the year.

Renown’s teaching team is dedicated, passionate, experienced and innovative, bringing diverse educational, teaching and life experiences. We are unified by the value we place on our image of children, our role as educators, the delivery of quality programs, the importance of the National and Victorian Early years learning framework, and our partnerships with families. All of which is central to our programming and practice.


Nina, Age 4, Echidna group


“Renown’s different cultures and rich learning spaces together make us as unique as a rainbow".

–Ritu, Echidna parent

Our image of children:

We see children as unique, insightful and knowledgeable. We value them as competent and capable, actively contributing to their own knowledge, development and learning; both in themselves, and the world around them.

We recognize that each child has their own individual interests, ideas and perspectives and that they should be empowered to grow, and express themselves in many ways.

We see children as critically thinking citizens; active, creative and having rights.

At Renown, children are encouraged to explore, investigate, experiment, question, imagine and play, as we believe this is how they learn, grow and have fun.

Emily, Age 5, EFM group


"Renown Kinder is a welcoming and inclusive environment where families are continuously encouraged to contribute to children's learning experiences. Educators and families work collaboratively to support each childs development and wellbeing."

-Melanie, EFM parent


Our role as educators:

As educators we see ourselves first and foremost as facilitators. We provide experiences that foster learning and exploration, guided by our own knowledge and expertise, and the interests and ideas of the children. We scaffold and guide children's learning and assist them to make achievements; promoting challenge and complexity in their interactions and understandings.

We believe a key component to engaging and stimulating teaching is balance. A balance of time to explore and resource learning through self exploration and the opportunity to participate in small and larger group learning moments and more structured collaborative work.

We support children to be active participants in their learning and development; encouraging independence, respect, confidence, self expression, a sense of wellbeing, belonging and pride. We recognise and listen to children’s interests, and understand and support the diversity of different learning styles.

We encourage children to be actively involved in decision making and contribute to the roles and responsibilities involved in being part of a community.

Fundamental to this sense of community at Renown are the relationships we build and nurture; our acceptance, inclusion and respect for others, and the sense of belonging we aim to uphold for everyone at our Kindergarten. In all our practices, we maintain respectful relationships with children, value diversity, and enact equity.Willow, Age 5, Koala group


The educators at Renown do a fantastic job of not only caring for each of their individual students, but also in presenting content in a fun and interesting manner.  The relationships the staff have with the kids, coupled with the planning of the variety of experiences each child is exposed to has helped our son thrive in his development both cognitively and socially this year.  We are extremely happy with the care and life education provided to our son by the Renown staff and are looking forward to our daughter attending in two years time.  The Renown team do an amazing job and as parents we feel very lucky to have our son under their care and guidance!”

-Evan and Liz, Koala parents

Our programs and The Early Years Learning Framework:

At Renown Kindergarten we aim to provide an atmosphere that is welcoming, challenging and engaging for all children. Through observation, discussion, documentation and working in partnership with children, families and our fellow teachers and educators, we provide holistic programs that are dynamic, inclusive, child centred, flexible and high in quality.

Within our programs we place great importance on respect and care; both for others, ourselves and our world. We recognise the significance of the environment and natural world in our learning and livelihood and advocate for its protection and appreciation.  We believe children should be supported in building connections, and understanding their own self worth in order to establish the foundations for a happy, productive life and strong sense of identity.

We aspire to provide a rich learning environment that encompasses experiences and opportunities for learning around language, literature, mathematics, science, visual arts, music and movement, social skills, independence and wellbeing.

In supporting this learning we acknowledge the importance of play in the early years of childhood, and that children learn best when experiences are engaging, interactive and respectful of individual levels of ability and skill.

In this way, the values of Renown, when planning for children’s learning, correspond greatly with an emergent curriculum approach; which emphasises the importance of:

  • Active participation

  • Collaboration

  • Relationship building

  • Inquiry

  • Flexible and adaptable methods

  • Responding to the needs and interests of children, and,

  • Play based learning

Our programming and practices are also informed by what we learn from the wider community. We challenge ourselves, our perspectives and our methods by being continual learners and utilizing our understandings to benefit the children, families and educators we work with.

We are guided by the National and Victorian Early Years Learning Frameworks, which brings together principles, practices and outcomes for all children aged birth to 5, and in their transition to school .The values underpinned in the EYLF are embedded within our practice at Renown and you will see evidence of this in every aspect of what we. Bringing these practices and beliefs together, we create meaningful and rich learning experiences, and high expectations for all children at Renown.




Nandini, Age 4, Wombat group


“Our child has absolutely thrived this year at Renown Kindergarten. The program offered has enabled her to develop her social skills, learning the importance of sharing, showing empathy and respecting her peers and educators alike. She has been given opportunity to engage in creative learning experiences that have required higher order level thinking and she has embraced the curriculum focus of language, literacy and numeracy introduced this year.

Our child has loved her two years at Renown Kindergarten. She has developed strong relationships with her peers and often reflects on the engaging and fun learning opportunities she has experienced during the day.”

-Polly, Wombat parent


Partnerships with Families:

At Renown, we respect families as influential teachers and role models to their children. We value the diversity of culture, beliefs, experiences, insights, knowledge and understandings of their children, and aim to work in partnership with families to enrich children’s lives to achieve the best possible outcomes for them.

We understand that relationships are reciprocal and to do this we place great importance on communication, respect and the opportunity to contribute and encourage families to be engaged in decision making and the sharing of ideas.

Through spontaneous opportunities, as well as written and verbal discussions, the use of Storypark, and organization of meetings and collaboration, we strive to involve families in their children’s Kindergarten experience, supporting and working with each other to nurture the magic and discovery of early childhood.


Ellie, Age 4, Possum group


“Our family is incredibly important to us and as such it is comforting that the Renown community feels like an extension of our family.”

-Maxine, Possum parent