Parent Participation/Communication

We believe that early childhood education is a two way process that requires input from the home and the kindergarten.  There are many ways that parents may participate in kindergarten activities.

Information night - is presented in conjunction with the AGM in 4th term each year.  The purpose is to explain the kindergarten’s operations and/or programs.

Publications - a Newsletter is sent to each family regularly (usually following a committee meeting).  This is a collection of diary dates, notices, reports from committee and teaching staff.  The newsletter is a vital form of communication between committee members, staff and parents. Please read these carefully to find out what is happening.

Children’s Progress - to gain an insight into how your child is progressing it is useful to take the time to look at the work displayed around the room and in books made by the children and their teachers, stop to chat informally with your child’s teachers on arrival or departure, or spend time at the kinder during your child’s sessions.  Throughout the year the teachers record the progress of each child through taking observations and using checklists.  These observations form the basis of the program plans and assist in highlighting the strengths as well as any areas of difficulty your child may be experiencing.  Should you have any concerns about your child’s development, please make a time to discuss them with your child’s teacher so appropriate actions can be developed. 

Helping at Kindergarten - parents are invited to assist staff and children in the kindergarten program. This is an opportunity to share an interest or skill (cooking, gardening, computing, sewing, story telling, playing an instrument, etc.) A duty roster is put out each term for parents to put their name on and guidelines are available to read before you participate.

Laundry - on a roster basis, parents are asked to help by washing the children’s hand-towels, smocks and kitchen linen.  Laundry is given out at the end of each week and needs to be returned on the child’s first session of the following week.

Excursions or Entertainers - are an important way to enhance the children’s programs and parents are most welcome to share in this experience with their child.

Kindergarten Committee - as mentioned earlier, a parent-run Committee of Management manages the kindergarten.  All parents are invited to help and participate in many and/or small ways.  Fundraising activities offer great ways for the kindergarten community to have fun, socialise with other parents and raise much-needed funds for the kindergarten at the same time.

Parent concerns - parents are most welcome to contact and visit the kindergarten at any time.  Similarly, if you have any concerns, queries or complaints please contact staff and/or committee. (See kindergarten Policy Book for procedures)