Arriving / Leaving Kindergarten

Please make sure that your child is brought inside the playroom when you arrive each day.  Kindergarten children need to arrive and depart with an adult at all times.  If someone other than the parent(s), and who is not listed on your child collection list (included in your enrolment form), is to collect your child they will need to have a note written and signed by the parent authorising them to do so.

It is also NECESSARY to sign your child in/out of the daily attendance book. This is a legal requirement of the Department of Human Services.

If a child has not been collected 5 minutes after the session has ended, staff will attempt to contact their parent/guardian. If staff are unable to contact the parents/guardians, staff attempt to contact an emergency contact for the child and request they collect the child.

If 1 hour after the session has ended the child still has not been collected and staff have not been able to contact a parent/guardian or emergency contact, the police will be contacted to collect the child.

Staff will take steps to ensure that as far as practical, your late collection of a child does not impact negatively on that child.