Snack Time / Lunch

‘Snack time’ is an important aspect of the daily program and is essential for maintaining children’s energy and concentration levels.  Children are asked to bring their own healthy snack .One for each session they attend (Please note that this is only a snack, not lunch.  Giving your child too much interferes with their play time!!)  Suggestions such as the following are most welcome:-

  • Fruit of any kind
  • Vegetables-carrots, celery, lettuce etc.
  • Dried fruits-sultanas, prunes, dates etc.   
  • Cheese, kabana, yoghurt.
  • Drink of water.

Please leave the chips, nuts, chocolate, roll ups etc. for home time or parties!

Those children staying for the supervised lunch will also need to bring lunch. Please be aware that staff can not heat lunches for children.

Please provide your child with a drink bottle filled with water. Staff will refill this during the day for your child.

We require that parents are considerate of those children with allergies and do not provide peanut butter, nutella or nut products.  Should children bring these to kindergarten they will not be allowed to consume them on the premises.

Renown Kindergarten recommends that parents provide food that adheres to the Better Health Victoria Guidelines.