Health And Illness

We strongly urge you to keep your child at home if he/she is sick.  We do not have proper facilities to care for a sick child.  A child who is ill gains little or no real benefit from a group of active children around him/her regardless of what your child may say to convince you otherwise.

It is also important to keep infection down to a minimum for everyone’s sake.  Please refer to the infectious diseases list attached and/or discuss your child’s eligibility to attend with your child’s teacher.  Contact the kindergarten to let the staff know if your child is unable to attend.

Similarly, if a child becomes ill at kindergarten they will be made as comfortable as possible until a parent/carer is contacted and is able to collect him/her.

When enrolling, parents need to show evidence that children have been immunized against measles, whooping cough and polio, and if a child has not been immunised, they may be excluded from kindergarten during such an outbreak at the centre.


If your child needs to take medication during his/her time at kindergarten please enter and sign the ‘medication’ book.
You must write specific instructions to the staff to ensure that your child receives the correct care.
If your child requires ongoing medication such as Ventolin or an Epi-pen , these must be accompanied by an action plan signed by your child’s doctor. The Kindergarten is unable to allow your child to attend without this.


All accidents at kindergarten are noted as they occur and need to be signed off by a parent/carer in the ‘accident book’.

Sunsmart Policy

A sunsmart policy operates at Renown Kindergarten.  Children are required to wear hats while playing outdoors from September to April.  We ask parents to apply sunscreen to their child/ren before arriving at kindergarten.  Further sunscreen will be applied during the day as required.